Eco Green is specialized in recycling and transforming primary aluminium and alloy scrap and works with a highly qualified staff on the national and international market. Production companies ( sheet working, lithographic plates, girders, etc...) and recycling companies are our first aim. The firm having high quality standards, prefers working with discarded materials with charactristics of homogeneous or even compatible alloy .

An exemple of scrap mainly treated by us :

• lithographic plates
• new scrap by girder working
• new clippings from rolling or both hot- and cold-forming of the series 1000 - 2000 - 3000 - 5000 - 6000 - 7000 We're also interested in buying Ingots or primary titrated and out of alloy "tbars" ( 99.7 - 99.5 - 99.0 ).

• regular authorizations of transport and stocking
• whithdrawal with self vehicle
• quick quoting of the materials
• consultations
• containers hire