For many years Ecogreen has been a reliable partner for the recovery and disposal of waste from many national companies operating in the graphic and publishing sector, photography, private and public radiology. This important specialisation allows us to offer companies in the sector all our competence and professional skill. From the initial consultation to the collection of the materials, thanks to the experience we have acquired, we work alongside the customer, guiding him in his choices, so as to allow him considerable economic saving. We are able to manage the recovery of aluminium offset plates and the recovery of silver from used photolithographic solutions and reject films. We also deal with the disposal of inks, solvents and all the refuse deriving from the typical processing in this sector. A single reference is therefore all that is needed to ensure safe and efficient collection and sorting of waste.

Ecogreen is:
- temporary storage of assimilable special waste, harmful toxic, dangerous and non dangerous waste, with treatment, sorting and volumetric compacting

- recovery and recycling of scrap aluminium.

- authorised transporter enrolled in the national register of waste transporting companies.